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I’m Céline

Never not reminiscing on travel memories or planning new adventures. I travel together with my love and best friend Benjamin, but it’s me that thoroughly plans and reports our travels. I invite you to see the world ‘as seen by Céline’.
Travel inspired, travel better.

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It’s challenging to travel nowadays, but I can not call myself a travel addict if I don’t try to include a portion of travel vibes in my life despite the pandemic. Here’s how:

How to travel during a pandemic


If you are working from home, why not move your home office to a place where you can feel more connected to nature. You’re surely not missing out on dinner nights and parties at home. Let’s make your own party outside your working hours, catching some waves or hiking mountain peaks. In November we moved to Austria for 1 month and in May you can find us in Croatia.

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Micro adventures

Maybe you do have to be at work everyday, have kids that need to go to school or government rules that prevent you from leaving the country. Even if you are tied to your home town, you can still find ways to travel closer to home. Learn to look for adventure just around the corner.

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My all time favourite when I am not planning a trip: a nostalgic throwback to past travels. Browse through your old photos and videos, post some cool throwbacks, make a compilation movie or finally take the time to make that photo album. My favourite throwback is to the time when we took a sabattical and left on a worldtrip covering 3 continents.

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